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Music composition / PROJECT LIST
(*) indicates projects that were co-written with Siren Music Production's Mariana Bernoski and Willow Williamson.

Agnus Dei Christina performed electric guitar and ebow for composer Charles Kim and singer Muriel Louveau on an upcoming CD.
The Road to Menudo Starting October 2007, this MTV show will be using some of the tracks off of the This Side of North Album.
The O Tapes* This documentary will be showing on Showtime starting February 17th 2007 for 15 months. For more information, please see original listing under 2004.
Hers Christina played electric and acoustic guitar for this Korean movie.
24/7 This MTV show used "Ground Level" from the This Side of North album.
Dirt FX used "Five Four" from the This Side of North album in it's second episode.
Fata Morgana This is a haunting German Film which will be released in 2007. Christina made the opening titles, a cover of Rare Bird's "Sympathy", with singer/co-writer Ryan Anton. In addition, Christina played electric guitar, ebow, and bass on many of the film's cues (the score is by Mariana Bernoski). Fata Morgana just won "Best Film" in the Munich Film Festival 2007.
Monarch Cove This Lifetime show featured Christina's song "Silence as the Storm Calms" on episode 9.
Warner Bros. Warner Bros. continues to use tracks that Christina has written for their Library. Her music has been used on "Extra", and "Celebrity Justice", "The Tyra Banks Show", and "Dr. Keith Ablow" as well as several Promos.
Underneath A James Yuan film with a haunting story, Underneath takes place in an isolated country house where a young boy must watch his mother slowly succumb to a relentless sickness. Taking matters into his own hands, the boy decides to protect his mother in the only way he knows how.
Shout* Shout is a UCLA Masters thesis film written and directed by Lillian Wang. It is a coming-of-age story about Sadie, an 18-year-old girl who lives a comfortable yet sterile life in the suburbs. Things change when her dying, cantankerous grandfather comes to live with her, and when her best friend Henry tells her he is going away to college. Sadie's feelings of isolation and discontentment grow. Eventually, the loss she experiences propels her away from home and towards her first act of independence.
Apart Directed by Oded Raz, Apart tells the story of Richard and Beth. Richard, a middle-aged divorcee, has just ended a month of mourning for his passing father. His relationship with his estranged teenage son is in a frozen state. Beth, Richard's upstairs neighbor, is a middle-aged divorced woman dealing with her new solitude by being as active as she possibly can. When the two meet in the hallway in the midst of a city blackout, they help each other shed new light on the confusing darkness of their lives. Music for Apart was co-written with Mariana Bernoski.
Warner Bros. Warner Bros. continues to use tracks that Christina has written for their Library. Her music has been used on "Judge Mathis", "Extra", and "Celebrity Justice".
Anyone* Anyone, a film by Alonso Mayo for the Esquire Celluloid Style Film Competition, is about a journalist, Jason Drake, on a mission to uncover the identity of a man captured in an infamous 9/11 photograph. The "Falling Man" was striking for its unusual grace and symmetry, but at the same time haunting for its portrayal of the ultimate choice that many WTC employees took when faced with certain death. Jason thinks he knows who the Falling Man is and now he must confront the man's family.
The Vagina Monologues* Siren creates the musical score for a benefit performance of the acclaimed Vagina Monologues. Haunting, ethereal, uplifting, beats for movement and lists of what a vagina would wear.... Powerful vocals punctuating dramatic stories of women and women's lives. Hailed by The New York Times as "funny" and "poignant" and by The Daily News as "intelligent" and "courageous," The Vagina Monologues, which was first performed off-Broadway by Eve Ensler, dives into the mystery, humor, pain, power, wisdom, outrage, and excitement buried in women's experiences. Ms. Ensler has performed the play as a solo show to great acclaim throughout the world, from Zagreb to Santa Barbara, from London to Seattle, from Jerusalem to Oklahoma City. Now the Monologues are used by local organizations to fund programs to stop violence against women around the world. This multimedia production in Santa Clarita, CA raised $23,000 last year to fund the Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Center and the Valley Trauma Center. This year the performance will raise more then $30,000 for those organizations.
National Public Radio All Things Considered has been using Siren's instrumental music for "buttons" -- the interstitial music between news segments. Siren is pleased to be able to contribute music to public radio.
The O Tapes* Directed by Chris Arnold, The O Tapes is a feature-length documentary that explores the uncharted world of "female sexuality" through the words, the thoughts and the intimate experiences of over 50 American women between the ages of 18 and 85. Woven throughout the intimate personal encounters are historical segments, animated sequences, musical and comic performances and a "who's who" of the nations leading sexual experts lending both insight and perspective.
Hidden Landscape Hidden Landscape is an ambient/drone release by a small experimental label in Melbourne, Australia named Dreamland Recordings. Inspired by imagination and the hidden life of the sub-glacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica, the album is a compilation of tracks by a diverse group of artists from around the world. Agamanolis has one track on the CD, titled "Winter."
Wednesday Afternoon Wednesday Afternoon is an American Film Institute 2003-2004 Masters Thesis Film. It's a realistic drama set in East Los Angeles about a Mexican-American father and son, the loss of the American Dream and the strength of family ties. It was written by AFI Directing Fellow Alonso F. Mayo, adapted from the story Lazos de Famlia (Family Ties) by Bolivian novelist Edmundo Paz-Soldan. In 2005, Wednesday Afternoon won a Student Academy Award for Best Narrative Film. The musical score was written by Christina Agamanolis and Mariana Bernoski.
The Divine* A film by Tim Hoover, The Divine is a touching and spiritual journey into the life of a deformed eighteen-year-old kid who is left to care for his terminally ill mother. This compelling drama of unconventional beauty will challenge you to see deeper than the surface, to contend for hope when human strength is not enough, and to find The Divine where you least expect it. At the Damah Film Festival 2005 The Divine won Best Picture (30-minute category) and the Audience Favorite Award.
Warner Bros. Agamanolis has been writing music for several primetime shows run by Warner Brothers. This is an ongoing project.
Still Life* A film by Lillian Wang. Love is fear, and time is loss. This experimental narrative is about one man's fear of losing his family and his subsequent emotional journey.
This Girl's Life Miracle Mile Films, Muse Films and Milkshake films presents a film directed by Ash. The movie takes place within about a month of this girl's life, who has become one of the top porn star in the adult film industry and is also supporting her father, who has Parkinson's disease. The film features appearances by some great actors, including James Woods, Michael Rappaport, and Rosario Dawson. Agamanolis licensed additional music for the score.
Be Good, Smile Pretty* A documentary by Tracy Tragos. This very personal film is about Tracy's journey to get to know her father, Don Droz, who was killed in Vietnam when she was three months old. She discovered his story on the Internet last March and has spent the last year tracing his life and getting to know who he was. Be Good, Smile Pretty won the Documentary Feature Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2003 and the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Aspen Filmfest in October 2003. Be Good, Smile Pretty was a featured documentary on PBS' Independent Lens Series. In 2004, Be Good, Smile Pretty won an Emmy for best documentary film.
Warner Bros. Agamanolis has been writing music for several primetime shows run by Warner Brothers. This is an ongoing project.
Warner Bros. Agamanolis has been writing music for several primetime shows run by Warner Brothers. In 2002, The show roster included "Extra" and "Celebrity Justice".
Dahmer: The Mind Is a Place of Its Own* A film by David Jacobson about the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Scored by Christina Agamanolis, Mariana Bernoski and Willow Williamson, Dahmer was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, including the John Cassavetes Award for Best Picture. The soundtrack features Williamson, Bernoski and Agamanolis' voices, organ, and guitar performance as well as an abundance of sample processed soundscapes. Variety wrote, "The exquisite soundtrack pulsates with selected sounds conveying (sans images) violence and an electronic score of unnerving moodiness."
Pain A film by Roger Ramanth. The score includes "Sunshine," a fun song in the style of Burt Bacharach.
In Love with You A film by Adrian DeLude. The score includes three pieces for piano.
The Art of Waiting A film by Cheryl Slean. This mostly lighthearted score is for guitar, human whistling, baglamas and MIDI instruments.
Fraud A film by Carla Wilson. The score is for piano, bass, and MIDI instruments.
Picture Perfect: Day 2 A film by Matt Kaiser. The improvised piano score is gestural and unsettling.
Eight A dance piece by Austin Hartel about the creation of the world, for which Agamanolis wrote electro-acoustic music. This dance was performed by the National Ballet of Paraguay, Asunci-n, Paraguay, in the summer of 2000.
The Chronicles of Nincomb A film by Neil Wilson. The score is for voice, guitar, and MIDI instruments. This film has been shown at a wide variety of locations, including the Academy of Film and Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.
Seasons A dance choreographed by Sung Bum Rue for which Agamanolis composed electronic music.